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Chitika have a variety of products for publishers, the most popular being the eMiniMalls which they describe as "Comparison shopping experience for your website visitors". I find they work best on sites with very targeted traffic. If you have site all about widget, then you can sell widgets, but if you have a general site, with no specific topic, they don't perform well.

The ads themselves can be set to to contextual or non-contextual. As Google AdSense didn't allow other contextual adverts on the same page, the non-contextual adverts are the default. AdSense have changed their terms and it is no longer clear if competitive contextual advertising is allowed of not. I feel it is, but other commentators claim that is isn't.

With the non-contextual adverts, you need to supply a list of topics that they will pull adverts for. If you include the ads on a page-by-page basis, this will be good, and you will be able to target specific products. However, if like me you include the ads in a generic template then the adverts will usually be too generic to get much click through.

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