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-ERR POP EOF or IO Error on a users login

A user reported that they couldn't download mail, and looking at the maillog I saw the following errors:

Feb 28 08:25:18 www in.qpopper[23843]: (v?) POP login by user "username" at (XXX.X.XXX.XXX) XXX.X.XXX.XXX

Feb 28 08:25:18 www in.qpopper[23843]: EOF from username at XXX.X.XXX.XXX (XXX.X.XXX.XXX): [0] 2 (No such file or directory); 0 (Success)

Feb 28 08:25:18 www in.qpopper[23843]: username at XXX.X.XXX.XXX (XXX.X.XXX.XXX): -ERR POP EOF or I/O Error: 2 (No such file or directory); 0 (Success)

Looking at the mail spool in mutt I cold see that there were 907 messages at 43 MegaBytes.

I know that this particular user used both a desktop and a BlackBerry to retrieve email and that BlackBerries had problems with more than 700 messages and larger mail files. So I decided to trim the spool down.

To do so in mutt I selected all read messages via the limit command.

l (limit)

~R (read mail)

Msgs:498/907 New:409 Del:507 Post:1 43M]

then deleted them

T (tag matching the previous search)


$ (do the deletion)

deleted some obvious spam

[Msgs:366 New:366 Post:1 21M]

Following the trim, the user was able to download mail again.

For mroe mutt tips try Jump Start: Mutt

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