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Excel 2000 Password Protect

Both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel allow you to set a password to protect your document and give an degree of security & privacy.

There are tools readily available on the Internet that allow one to crack the simpler passwords. Consider using Pretty Good Privacy to give a higher degree of security.

If you are saving a lot of documents with different passwords, consider using an utility such as Password Safe or

  • Click File > (you may need to select a small downward arrow at the bottom of the menu to see all the options)
  • Save As >
  • Tools (top right of the box) >
  • Click General Options >
  • Enter a password to open >
  • Click OK >
  • Confirm the password (type it again) >
  • Click Okay >
  • Click Save >
  • (you should get a messgae the file already exists.)
  • Click Yes

Next time you open the file it will require a password.

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