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Gmail - Add an alternative professional reply address

Whilst gmail and all things google are often seen as cooler than an iceberg, it's still better to use your own company / personal domain name to "brand" your email correspondence.

In some localisations of gmail you can add alternative email addresses so it appears to be sent from another address. So, I could be using, but still send the email as though it's

Please note, you may need to change you local language to US English to do this though...

Within Gmail go to settings (a link is in the top right)

Language is the first option, (if you need to change it).

Accounts should be the second tab, click the "Add another email address" it will generate an email to the address you enter, which need to respond by clicking the link it contains or entering the verification code.

If you already forward your email to the address, just wait for it to turn up in gmail.

Then revisit the "accounts" page in settings and make the appropriate address your default.

If you add more than one address you may also like to check "When I receive a message sent to one of my addresses:" and select "Reply from the same address the message was sent to."

Please note: that you can also change the address at the time of your reply so nothing is etched in stone.

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