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Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to customize the way webpages look and function. Download Greasemonkey.

Meta Nofollow

There are some issues with this script, the main concern being that it gets the robots.txt for all the external URLs on a page - so will return one for each IFRAME and JS call, such as adSense blocks.

The script is based on the Show Wordpress Version greasemonkey script by Joost de Valk

It will display any meta content found for robots, and then read in the robots.txt. This displays for a few seconds then disappears. Clicking on the link in the display will load the robots.txt

Some sites have been pre-excluded, such as Google, Yahoo, digg and stumbleupon. Add other sites to exclude by clicking on the Greasemonkey icon, then selecting the script ("Show nofollow meta and robots.txt") and adding any further exclusions.

Download "Show nofollow meta and robots.txt" here: meta-nofollow-robotstxt.user.js

This version only shows the meta tag if found: meta-nofollow.user.js

Thanks to Rob from Yack Yack for suggesting the script.

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