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Some Internet Explorer Shortcuts & Tips

Change your home page: I have my windows explorer open to a blank page so that it loads quicker and I don't add have to wait for the default page (which will usually be MSN, your ISP or your PC manufacturers). You could change it to a favourite search engine (as long as it's quick to load), like, to change it in windows, open Internet Explorer then select Tools > Internet Options > and either type in an address or use blank.

Open links in a new window by pressing shift as you click on the link.

Ctrl + L or Ctrl + O to get a location bar and easily input a new address to visit.

Pressing F11 will maximise the space and remove the toolbars

A 'proper' refresh of the page, Ctrl+F5

Ctrl + N for a new window.

Ctrl + D to add the current page to your favourites, Ctrl+B will open the organise favourites box.

Ctrl + H: History panel, if it's open Ctrl + F will open the search page (F = find) if the panel isn't open you get a dialogue box for searching on the current page.

Scroll a page with the space bar: The Ctrl + spacebar will move a page down (just like the Page down button, but nearer to hand) and the Shift + Spacebar moves a page up.

Drag your favourite favourites on to the links bar from quick access.

Ctrl+Enter will add http://www and .com either side of a word you type into the address bar.

Navigate your history by pressing Alt + left arrow to go back, and Alt + right arrow to go forward

You can import and export favourites and cookies: File > Import and Export.

As with most windows Ctrl+ W will close the window, essential if surfing at work!, or Alt+TAB to switch to another window. (Thanks to Matt Plunkett for pointing out an error)

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