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JavaScript Open New Window

This little form is so you can open a new window with the relevant properties, it also displays the appropriate javascript for the link, and for the script code.

<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- //
function wo(url, name, bits) {, name, bits);
// -->

Okay, the url is obviously the url of the new page you want to open in a window, name is whatever you want to call it, so you can refer to it later to other pages in the same window. the bits are a string of comma delimited featres to be used in the new window. Do not put spaces after the commas. I'll just mention the most popular cross browser (IE/NN) features.

height: Window height in pixels
width: width in pixels
toolbar: Display a tool bar (back button etc)
scrollbars: Display scrollbars if window requires them
resizable: Allow resizing
status: Show window status
copyhistory: window history from opening window to new window.
directories: display directory buttons
location: Display location field
menubar: Display menubar on PC

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