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Microsoft Word Tips & Keyboard Shortcuts

Select a column of text by pressing ALT as you drag the mouse.

Absolute Basics

Select All Ctrl + A
BoldCtrl + B
CopyCtrl + C the highslighted (selected) text which can then be pasted
CutCtrl + X - Like Copy but removes the text from the original area which can then be pasted (possibly multiple times).
ItalicCtrl + I
PasteCtrl + V (remember by Vomit!) will paste the contents of the clipboard
SaveCtrl + S
UnderlineCtrl + U
UndoCtrl + Z

Further Useful Keyboard shortcuts

Delete Word Highlight a word, then Ctrl + DEL
Insert Page Break Ctrl + Enter
List Alt + Ctrl and L
Move By Words Press Ctrl and the arrow key to move by word.
Select A Word Hold Alt + Shift and a left or right arrow key to select the text word by word.
Select Line As above, but hold Ctrl + Shift and then press the arrow key to select to the start or end of the line.
Select Multiple Lines Ctrl + Shift as above but press the up or down arrow key.

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