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Ban Access from an IP address with PHP

In the war against terror, or at least against spam bots that index pages and/or attempt to send hundreds of comments using forms, I've created this simple check to inhibit their access of the site. I include this on every page at the very top before anything else is printed. Sending the bot a 404 will hopefully de-index the page in the long term, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

// banned list
$banned[]="123.456.78.90"; // specific IP to ban
$banned[]="123.456.78."; // Perhaps a whole C-Class
$banned[]="123.456."; // 65,534 addresses to ban!
$banned[]="123."; //  16,777,214 addresses to prohibit
	foreach ($banned AS $bad_ip){
			header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found");
			// 	or perhaps send them somewhere to record the attempt
			//	header("Location:");
// rest of the normal page

See also PHP gethostbyaddr and PHP checkdnsrr.

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