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Pine is a email client often found on CLI Linux systems, there are graphical versions and ones for other operating systems, but this tip relates to the Linux version and may not apply to others that I haven't tested.

Deleting a Range of Emails

I often find I suddenly have several hundred emails in the admin account that need to be removed due to an influx of spam or bounces through Jo-Jobs

  • In pine go to the list of messages, normally just "I" from main menu. Then:
  • ; - select
  • D - Date
  • ^W - (Ctrl + W) toggle When (normally Pine opens with SINCE, you may want BEFORE)
  • type in date in format dd-mmm-yyyy, eg 01-Oct-2005
  • A - Apply Command
  • D - Delete

When you Quit out of pine it will eXpunge (hint!) the messages marked for deletion.

See the Commands for Message Handling at University of Washington

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