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Procmail Extraneous locallockfile ignored

This normally occurs when you are locking a file in the wrong place.

Here's a simple example. I lock the file and write to it if it from mypal@domain.tld

:0:# lock as we want to write to a file
* $ ^From:.*mypal\@domain.tld# Does it match rule
mail/pals# Put mail here

Notice on the following rule the :0: is only used when we need to write to the file.

:0# No need to lock yet
* ^Subject:.*procmail# Opening rule
     :0 fwh# f - filter w - write before processing h - header info only
     | formail -I"Subject: [Procmail] ${SUBJ_}"# Change the subject
     :0:# Lock
     mail/procmail_emails# Store somewhere nice



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