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How do search engines handle SSI, PHP, ASP, and CFM type pages?

Search engine robots see in most cases the same thing that you do when you visit a web page and view the source code of a page. The web server parses all "Server Side" scripting languages such as .php, .asp, and Cold Fusion "before" these pages are sent to who is requesting them. "Client side" languages such as JavaScript are not executed on the web server, they are executed on the Browser end. Code of this sort "is" seen by a search engine robot and can affect your ranking.

If you view a file on a local computer that is written in say .asp, all you may see is a lot of scripting code - but when that same document is loaded on your web server, robots will see what the document looks like "after" the code has been executed, just like you do when you view the page using the URL (

The same thing happens with SSI's (Server Side Includes) or Frontpage webbots that have an include function. These statements and "bots" are completed before the robots can see them. So don't be afraid of using these time saving and useful tools on your site, they will still be "Search Engine Friendly".

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