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554 5.0.0 MX list points back to server

554 5.3.5 ... Local configuration error

The following paragraphs are using a Sun Cobalt RAQ 4, using the web management UI.

Prior to this, sending an email to clientsdomain.tld woudl produce an error such as:

The original message was received at Mon, 16 Sep 2002 11:32:11 +0100
from []

   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
554 5.0.0 MX list for clientsdomain.tld. points back to www.server.tld
554 5.3.5 ... Local configuration error

Without a Virtual Site

I have a client that wanted an email only solution. Anotherwords, the domain name could point anywhere, but they wanted the email to be forwarded to an external email address.

Initally I set up DNS so that the A record for web requests would go to which is I set the MX records up to go to the normal email server.

If I added the domain to the Email server Aisases of the Site Management screen then the email would (probably) work but the catch all would go to the admin on that sub-domain.

Control Panel > Email server > Host/Domain Aliases > added the hostname.clientsdomain.tld. and clientsdomain.tld.

This time a test to mailtest@clientsdomain.tld and a test to mailtest@hostname.clientsdomain.tld rejected by the server 550 5.1.1 User Unknown.

Putty into the server, I became root.

vi /etc/mail/virtusertable
and added
@clientsdomain.tld elsewhere@elsewhere.tld
@hostname.clientsdomain.tld elsewhere@elsewhere.tld
makemap hash /etc/mail/virtusertable < /etc/mail/virtusertable

... and email now works perfectly.

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