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Pixel ads - Bitmap banner adverts!

In the vien of Million Dollar Homepage I am offering 15 x 15 pixel adverts to run on the main index page of the tips section.

I've chosen 15 x 15 as I found the 10 x 10 pixels to be too small. Each advert will run for one month, unlike the orginal you can pay me what you like! Including nothing... Just send me the 15 x 15 advert, and the link it should point to. If you decide to pay me, then please use the donation button to paypal and email me the advert. Naturally paying customers will bump off non paying.

Oh, paying customer can select advert placement too.

Please note I can refuse to publish any advert, and if the page it's pointing to changes to something I find unacceptable I can pull the advert at anytime, no refunds and no dialogue will be entered into.

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