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A lifetime ago I worked in the games industry, many of these quotes come from a game I worked on called Endorfun. The game had almost subliminal affirmations throughout it, it was practically self hypnosis to play the game and absorb the positive thoughts. I noticed that everyone who played the game for some time during the testing seemed happier and had better self esteem, this was my first experience of the power of positive thinking.

Years later I became interested in Taoism and was exposed to meditation, visualization and self improvement techniques through the works of the barefoot doctor.

I hope these meditations, affirmations and statements will give you some ideas for creating your own, repeating a few of them daily and with conviction will have an impact on your life.

I've added a more complete list of affirmations over to it's own domain, Bigger Brighter Better, please follow the link for the complete lists, downloads and more coming soon.

The original quotes page has been moved, and this one is more geared to Life, Love and Affirmations.

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Daily Affirmations & Mottos

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