Fulham Football Club
Fulham Football Club

I've supported Fulham since I was a kid. One of the few memories I have of interacting with my father was when as a small boy he took me to a game. So they've always been my team, and now I get to enjoy them playing top flight football for the first time in my life. "Where were you when you were shit?" Not at many games, but I never lost the faith...remember... "Think doubt and fail" Micky Adams former Fulham FC Manager.

The Games
First game in the premiership! Away to Manchester United: Lost 3 - 2
At last Craven Cottage in the premiership: Fulham V Sunderland: Won 2 - 0.
A baking Saturday afternoon at the Cottage: Fulham V Derby County: Draw 0 - 0.
Friendly Fulham V Monaco: Won 2 - 1
Charlton Athletic V Fulham: Draw 1 - 1
Fulham V Chelsea: Draw 1 - 1
Fulham V Southampton: Win 2 - 1

Outlook Calander file for FFC premiership games 2001/2002
You can download it from: fulham_2001.csv
Once you've saved it to your machine, go into outlook chose
file -
Import & Export -
Import from another program or file -
Comma Seperated Values (Windows) -
then find the file where ever you saved it earlier -
Select a destination folder of Calander and you are away...