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Webmaster Tips & Tools

Web Design, Programming, SEO, Productivity - Tips, Tools, & Hacks

A collection Webmaster and web design hints, tips, hacks, guides and scripts based on over a decade of web development experience. Below is a list of some tips I have picked up over the years and occasionally get the urge to document. They're a mixture of HTML coding techniques, DHTML tricks, JavaScript tools and PHP solutions.

These cover everything from little forms to scratch a particular itch, such as the Filename Conversion Form, SEO Search Forms, Spyware removal to solving Firefox bugs.

I hope these prove useful, please let me know of any problems or suggestions, I do appreciate all the feedback you give.

I've also listed some of my tools and scripts I've hacked together, these are released as is and I accept no liability for any problems you encounter from using them or taking any advice. You are free to use my work in your own scripts and for your own purposes, though I'd be grateful if you could let me know of any examples where it's been put to use (and I'll link to it somewhere). Also, if you are putting my work to commercial use, then a donation would be appreciated.