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Google Advanced Search For SEO

This form uses some of the advanced search parameters from Google to create a complex search that can be useful for keyword research.

Enter your terms in the Search Phrase area and then select from the options, pressing "Search List" will construct the search for you which you can then click to open a new window in google, leaving this one intact to try other options or you can "Search Google Now" which will perform the search immediately, but you will lose this page.

Search Phrase
Site  Related
Number of Results
Result Counts
Turn off Personal Web Search
Search Specific Country
  (then click the link below.)
The results are limited to a particular website.
Show sites related to the site - useful for discovering a neighborhood for linking. Please note that the site will often need to be the FQDN www.domain.tld
The terms are found in the page title - this is very useful and will help you see which pages are targeting your term
The terms are found in the site's URL - Useful really to see sites that have included the terms in the domain name and/or the file name. Good for spotting SEOed sites.
The terms are found in links - helps to show sites that are SEOing their links.
Number of results
How many results to display - default 10, maximum 100
Result Count
This will go to the 1000 minus "number of results" this will often show that a term that has a certain number of results initally reported, actually has far less that aren't filtered for duplicate content or supplimental. Ex. Dog Kennels currently shows 13,900 results with intitle & inachor, using the result count we see 833 results displayed.
Turn Off Personal Web Search
If you are signed into your Google account Google will try and tailor the search results to match your search history. This should give you better results based on past behaviour, but is not useful if working on competative research.
Search Specific Country
Adds gl=XX with the country code to the search string. This will give broadly the same results as visiting the "local" search engine and will display the local AdWords adverts.
Search List
Will create a string link on this page for you to click and perform the search in a new window.
Search Google Now
Will redirect the page directly to Google.

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