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BBC Redesign - The Glass Wall

This is a fascinating insight into the BBCs thought process whilst refesigning their website.

Download The Glass Wall PDF - 8,073 KB


In setting out to redesign the BBCi homepage we knew we were tackling a hard task. Many people use and love our homepage, so we know that any changes we make will evoke a strong reaction.We needed to balance the needs of these users with the needs of our own business.We needed to satisfy a large number of people with a range of different objectives, both inside and outside the BBC.Any solution requires us to make decisions, but we believe that we have at least made informed choices to ensure a sensitive evolution of the page.

We wanted to make a clear step change with the design of the page without alienating the users.To begin with we looked at the way people use the current page using click-throughs and the way they feel about it through emotional response testing.We looked at how people build up relationships with the services and objects they use on a daily basis.This helped us address the issues we saw in all elements of the homepage, including the main story. Throughout the process, we benefited from continual user testing and internal feedback.

We believe that the resulting page will feel familiar to our existing users, but through digital patina, balanced design and excellent functionality, we also believe we have given it soul.

The Glass Wall which gave us the title of this book was the centre of the project. Most of our discussions were visualised on the wall and its location at the entrance to the studio ensured everyone could see what was going on and contribute.

This book aims to give some background on the process we followed and covers the redesign from its early stages in May 2002 up until launch in November 2002.

Download The Glass Wall PDF - 8,073 KB

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